What could I use a database for?


What could I use a database for?


If you have frequently changing content whether it be news, products, articles, links, etc a database can be used to manage these more effectively.

Typical examples where a database driven website would be beneficial :

 - e-commerce website's with more than a handful of products

 - Content management with regular updates, categorisation, etc.

 - Forums and discussion groups.

 - Sports Clubs

 - Music Bands

 - Subscription services such as newsletters.

Of course this is not a definitive list by any stretch of the imagination and the scope for using a database within a website is massive.

CRM (Customer Relations management)

CRM systems for marketing help the enterprise identify and target potential clients and generate leads for the sales team. A key marketing capability is tracking and measuring multichannel campaigns, including email, search, social media, telephone and direct mail. Metrics monitored include clicks, responses, leads, deals, and revenue. Alternatively, Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) solutions offer to track customer behaviour and nurture them from first contact to sale, often cutting out the active sales process altogether.

In a web-focused marketing CRM solution, organizations create and track specific web activities that help develop the client relationship. These activities may include such activities as free downloads, online video content, and online web presentations