How To Get Your Website To The Top Of Google

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Search Engine Optimisation comes in a variety of forms.

SEO is not one simple process, but instead a range of activities which ultimately increase your search engine rankings.The main two SEO services can be split down as Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO, with each of these SEO services being broken down into smaller activities.

SEO Packages

The standard type of SEO campaigns that we offer are the ongoing monthly campaigns. Each month we will push your website further and further up the rankings for the selected keywords until you reach top page. Once most of the keywords are on the top page we will keep the links topped up to ensure you do not start to drop down the rankings again, and also start to target new keywords to increase the traffic even further!

We are able to offer “one off” SEO campaigns which are ideal for websites which target a local audience such as Granny Knotts Knitted Baby Clothes or “Reborn Dolls Clothes”. We will take a look at your site and suggest a campaign which should hopefully get you to first, or on the first page for the selected keywords. If once the campaign has finished you would like the site moving up further we can suggest a further plan, until you are eventually in a position you are happy with. As these are low competition terms, you will normally rank straight away and stay there for a while before starting to drop, at which point you can have the SEO “topped up”
If you are interested in our SEO services, contact us and we will provide a free no obligation site analysis and talk you through the next steps.

Google search engine optimisation goal posts are always changing

First came Panda with its Kung Fu moves to beat up bad SEO company practices (always welcome), then project Penguin was unleashed in the first half of 2012  to wreak havoc on long established companies that had become stagnant, unchanging or just uninteresting to public viewing.  Sound like we've gone mad?  Not at all, Panda in 2011 and Penguin in 2012 are the project names assigned by Google to algorithm changes used in their search engine that decide on how high up the ranking your website appears.  Welcome to the era of Web 2.0 and TRG web design - SEO company

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Offsite SEO is VIP

The main part of any successful SEO service will be the offsite SEO. Offsite SEO services, while all different and extremely varied, all aim to provide the same basic service – increase the backlinks to your website. Depending on the SEO Services you use, this could be a variety of different links, including article links, social bookmarking, web 2.0 properties and many more.

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Onsite SEO Services

Optimising your website to make it as appealing as possibly to Yahoo / Bing / Google and the other major search engines in order to increase website rankings. Our SEO service involves optimising the code behind your website, making sure that the site relevant content to the keywords you are targeting, ensuring the title, header and other important tags are correctly optimised and a whole host of other onsite SEO services.

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