Google search engine optimisation goal posts are always changing

First came Panda with its Kung Fu moves to beat up bad SEO company practices (always welcome), then project Penguin was unleashed in the first half of 2012  to wreak havoc on long established companies that had become stagnant, unchanging or just uninteresting to public viewing.  Sound like we've gone mad?  Not at all, Panda in 2011 and Penguin in 2012 are the project names assigned by Google to algorithm changes used in their search engine that decide on how high up the ranking your website appears.  Welcome to the era of Web 2.0 and TRG web design - SEO company

Long gone are the days where you can just keyword stuff your website titles, descriptions etc and expect to be on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing or any other major web search engine. SEO companies (search engine optimisation or optimization if you are american) realised this a few years ago and changed the way they operated by creating hundreds if not 1000's of backlinks to a clients website in the form of directory listings, blog postings, comment linking etc.  The problem with these 'back links' was the fact that they were keyword stuffed and in places/websites whose content had no relevance to the website being promoted and were quite often low ranking websites themselves. 

Welcome to Google and project Panda - every SEO company's nightmare unfortunately for their clients at least. In 2012 Google, Yahoo, Bing etc realised these 'black hat seo' practices were affecting their search rankings adversely and changed their algorithms to account for this and many high ranking websites dropped off the radar, some for a few months .. some for ever and ever.

Introducing WEB 2.0 ... what is it? quite simply the next generation in websites. Interactive, public content driven, content focussed and ever changing, some prime examples are Facebook, Squidoo, My space, Twitter, and quite a few more... too many to mention.  Why are they important, quite simply they are are living, ever changing, reader focussed, opinion changing, discussion led, content driven websites that can not easily be peverted in favour of SEO company efforts. They are the opinions, interests  and musings  of the pulsing masses.

Yes, sometimes its drivel... 'what i had for tea' photos or 'look at this kaaraazzzy video on you tube' but that is the world we live in both physically and digitally.  These are your customers, they probably spend more time on the internet chatting to friends, discussing what they are watching on TV or doing something elsewhere than actually doing that 'something'. Also, if you think your customers are more old school... let me tell you I grew up with the Spectrum ZX /128k  and Manic Miner... many of the websites I have designed, optimised or helped with their Intenet Marketing activities are commissioned by or for the 'older generation'  (my mum defines the older generation as 10 years older than she is and she is in her 60's - sorry mum).

My point is  that regardless of how old you are... if you are on the internet you are using some of these WEB 2.0 websites whether you realise it or not and they are the ones that are forming opinions of its users for good or ill and the ones that are being used by Google, Yahoo, Bing etc to create rankings on their websites.

Thats not to say the web directories, web blogs, forums and some of the other 'older' mediums shouldn't be used to help improve your rankings but they are no longer a sure thing to get your website on to page 1.

Work smarter not harder ... some SEO / marketing companies still offer a 'web blast' to get you up the rankings within weeks or months.. they probably work. However be assured that just as quickly as they appear they are dropping back down again in to obscurity.  This means you have to spend more and more money to get temporary results that will probably disappear with the next 'pelican'* or 'possum'* update from Google (*artistic licence as they seem to start with P).

It doesn't matter how fantastic your site looks, it doesn't matter that for the last year or so your site has had lots of visitors.. because of the 'old methods' most websites used to get a lot of irrelevant visitors that were not looking for what you were promoting or selling and this has to change.

TRG can offer you that one off 'web blast' which is more intelligently employed than its competitors and will give sustained results.. but what we do well is to tap into your vision of where you want to take the website and look at the long term goals and adapt it in this ever-changing digital world. 

For more information and an idea of what we can do for you and your websites future look at our SEO company pricing